Frequently Asked Questions About UNice Wigs

 Last updated Mar.30,2020

There are often many questions when purchasing yphair wig, especially for first-time wig wearers. We have designed this FAQ page to answer all of your questions relating to how to care for your wig, how to wear your wig and other questions you may concern about. Here we address the most common questions and concerns about UNice hair wigs:

UNice Wig FAQs

What you will learn from this article:

1. Are your wigs made with 100% human hair?

2. What size are the wigs?

3.Can I curl or straighten my wig??

4.Can I color my wig?

5.Can I Shower or Swim in My Wig?

6. Can I Sleep in My Wig?

7. Can I Cut the Hair On My Wig?

8. Can I Wear My Wig All Of The Time?

9. What about cutting, re-setting and coloring my wig?

10. How often do you wash your wig?

11.How do I clean my human hair wigs?

12.How do I put on and wear my wig?

13.How long I can expect the wig to last?

14. How do I store my wig?

15. Should I buy More than one wig?

16.Will the hairline on the lace wig have a natural look?

17.What is the baby’s hair for a wig?

18.Do I have to wear a wig cap with the wig?

19. What are the different types of wig attachments?

1. Are Your Wigs Made With 100% Human Hair?

Yes, UNice offers 100% unprocessed hair weft(never been chemically treated). We provide the highest grade of hair on the market, and with proper care, the hair will last well over 1 year. The hair is collected by a single donor; mostly Brazilian, however, we do have a few Indian and Malaysian wigs.

Human hair wigs offer the most natural look and feel as well as styling versatility. While typically more expensive, with proper care, human hair can last over a year.

2. What Size Are The Wigs?

Fortunately, almost 19 out of 20 women can wear average head size wigs.

That means your head size when measured is between 21″ and 22½ you can wear average size wigs,  which is most of the market anyway. Measure your head with a tape measure going around the forehead at the hairline, under the hair, behind the ears and around the nape of the neck.

If this is too difficult to do by yourself, have someone help you. All our fashion wigs come with adjustable straps in the hair cap.

Our Fashion Wigs range is very easy to care for and we recommend the following procedures to keep your wig looking its best.

3. Can I Curl Or Straighten My Wig?

Yes, all unice hair collections can be colored. However, we strongly advise that you seek a professional colorist to obtain optimal results and prevent over-processing.

4.Can I Color My Wig?

Most wigs offer a variety of colors to choose from, lessening the need to color them. While synthetic hair cannot be dyed, human hair wigs can. But it is a tricky process that should be handled by a hair professional only. We recommend only going darker, not lighter as there is a lot of chemical processing involved in the making of a wig and any additional manipulation can cause damage.

Pro Tip: If you have your wig dyed, we recommend only dying the wig a darker color, not lighter. 

5. Can I Shower Or Swim In My Wig?

We do not recommend wearing your wig during showering or swimming. Your wig can become very tangled and matted when worn in the shower or pool and attempting to remove the matting can cause damage or breakage.

Pool chemicals and saltwater can damage wig fibers and cause them to break down quickly, lessening the lifespan of your wig. Chemical reactions can also cause your wig to change colors. 

Pro Tip: If you want to keep your head covered when showering or swimming, we offer a large selection of shower and swim caps to help protect your scalp. 

6. Can I Sleep In My Wig?

We do not recommend sleeping in your wig. The friction against your pillow can cause the wig to tangle and mat and the lifespan of your wig will be lessened significantly. We recommend wearing a soft sleep cap to keep your head warm and comfortable while sleeping.

7. Can I Cut The Hair On My Wig?

Thinning the wig to frame your face shape perfectly or cutting in bangs are options that will customize your look so that your wig fits your individual features. It can add that finishing touch that makes your hairpiece feel just like your own hair. This being said, we don’t recommend cutting the wig to drastically change the style as results may not be as expected.

8. Can I Wear My Wig All Of The Time?

The best part about wearing a wig all day is that you get to take it off at night., there’s no better relief than whipping that wig off and giving your scalp a good scratch!

9.What About Cutting, Re-Setting And Coloring My Wig?

We recommended that any cutting, coloring or rinsing, as well as permanently re-curling of your wig or hairpiece, should be done by us or another trained professional.

10. How Often Do You Wash Your Wig?

I honestly don’t think there is a right or wrong answer to this. For me, it all depends on how much I wear the wig when I wear the wig and the current condition of the wig. For example, after a tough session at the gym, I’ll wash the wig the same night, or I can wear a wig for 7 days straight before washing it. Don’t overdo it though and make sure you use wig shampoo and revitalizer.

11. How Do I Clean My Human Hair Wigs?

We recommend that you use

·Comb the Hair Gently with Wide-tooth comb to Tangle-Free Before Washing

·Add the mild Shampoo to the warm water then soak the wig into it, Wash Hair gently and wash to clear up

·Apply conditioner to the warm water and soak the wig, and leave it at least 10 minutes.

·Soak and wash in freshwater absorb the water into tower. Let Hair dry naturally, then keep the style with your hand and put the wig on the support.

12. How Do I Put On And Wear My Wig?

Remove the protective hair net from your wig. Give the wig a good shake to allow air to fluff through the hair fibers.

If your hair is short, brush it back from your face and behind your ears. If your hair is long, distribute and pin your hair up evenly, so as not to have a “bump” anywhere. Many people use a wig cap, and it’s very convenient.

Hold your wig at the sides with the woven label in the back. Place it at the middle of your forehead (for leverage) and slide it on from the front to back. The top front of the wig’s cap should rest approximately 1/4″ past your natural hairline. If the wig is too forward at the front hairline, it will look hat-like and unnatural. The ear tabs on each side of your head should be evenly placed in front of your ears. Never place the wig over your ears.

Tuck in any stray hairs at the front, sides, and nape.

13. How Long I Can Expect The Wig To Last?

The life of your wig can last for many months or even years depending on your usage, lifestyle, maintenance, and upkeep. The types of glues that are used during the application method also affect the life span of your unit.

The idea remains that if you plan to wear your wig more often, the natural need for a new unit will become greater as the hair naturally degrades due to extended periods of use, friction, and pollutants.

14. How Do I Store My Wig?

The best way to store your wig is on a Wire Wig Stand or Wig Perch Wig Stand. This will keep your wig fresher and maintain its style between wearings. Keep your wig in a clean place, away from dust, sources of high heat and excessive humidity. Never enclose in a box or plastic bag (except while traveling).

15. Should I Buy More Than One Wig?

Having two wigs allows you to change up your look without going through too much work, which is especially helpful when fatigue from chemo sets in. Women who become accustomed to the ease of wearing a wig will often embrace the versatility that wigs allow, enjoying multiple styles and color selections.

16. Will The Hairline On The Lace Wig Have A Natural Look?

Yes, when you wear the lace front wigs correctly according to our user guide, the hairline will have a natural look, just similar as your own hair growing from your scalp. For customer order, we recommend you to have baby hairs around the front and perimeter of the wig and make the hairline with more natural-looking.

17. What Is The Baby’s Hair For A Wig?

For a lace human hair wig with baby hair, UNice wig trims a few of the wig hairs at the hairline in order to make the wig look more like a natural head of hair. If you wanna do a ponytail and not show the cap, it’s better to choose a wig with baby hair or at least with back only baby hair.

18. Do I Have To Wear A Wig Cap With The Wig?

No, you do not need to use any wig caps under the wig. You can easily part your own hair at the same point as your wig before wearing the unit, which will strengthen your parting on the wig while use.

19. What Are The Different Types Of Wig Attachments?

There are a lot of different kinds of wigs and there are many different methods of attachment to help secure the hair in places such as tapes, pins, clips, wraps, and combs. The choice is ultimately up to the individual and depends on each person’s situation and preference.

For questions relating to ordering, shipping, returns, exchanges or other related matters, please see our order faq page.

10 Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A Wig Online

 Last updated Nov.05,2020

Most people who buy a wig or hair system for the first time to overcome hair loss or enhance their look, they feel confused about how to choose the best one. Internet especially has so many options that it is quite easy to be overwhelmed.

Looking For The Perfect Wig Online? Read This!

Have a client that wants to switch up their style, but don’t know how to buy a new wig to make a transformation? Keep reading!

If you are considering purchasing a wig online, a few things to think about! Today we will talk about what you should consider before you buy a wig online?

Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a Wig

10 Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A Wig Online


Familiarize yourself with the different wig fibers and cap types. This will help narrow down your search.


Find your head size – there are many resources online to help you – all you need is a soft measuring tape.


Think about style: do you want to replicate the style you are used to? Remember that unlike a regular haircut, this one won’t grow back. There are too many styles you can choose, such as straight hair wigs,curly wigs, short or long human hair wigs.

4.Face shape

If you are going to try something new, consider your face shape: heart, oval, square, etc.  Search “find my face shape” for more information and styles that best match your shape. There are also apps that allow you to try different hairstyles using a photo of yourself. You can choose bob wigs,headband wigs, lace front wigs, and more according to yourself.


Wigs come in a variety of colors so you can match your current tone or try something new. If you can’t decide, a general rule of thumb is to lean toward a slightly lighter hair color. There are black wigs, brown wigs,613 blonde wigs, highlight wigs, and other colored wigs you can choose.


Only purchase from authorized resellers that are listed on the wig manufacturer’s website.

7.Whether it has a retail location

Where possible, purchase from a site that also has a retail location. Call them to ask more including which services will be available once their store has re-opened such as fitting and styling

8.Return policy

Be sure to read the return policy thoroughly and when purchasing online.  It is a good idea to choose a store that will provide full refunds or exchanges.

9.Use filters when searching.

Use filters when searching. Some online stores will have thousands of options to choose from, which can easily become overwhelming. Knowing the wig type, cap type, and style you want before you start your search will allow you to find what you’re actually looking for more easily.


Different material wigs or weaves maybe have different prices. Go for the best-quality, most natural-looking wig you can afford. Key features that make a wig look realistic are a lace front and or top. In a lace front wig, each hair in the front of the wig is individually tied to a sheer material, creating the appearance of a natural hairline.


Whether you’ve bought a wig online before or are a completely new try, with so much choice available the task can be daunting. A good way to start is by figuring out what type of wig you want. Consider things like color, length, and style-full or half wig? Lace front? Maybe it’s a closure you’re after.

Regardless, having an idea of what you’re after will help streamline the shopping process making it less likely for you to get caught out buying something you didn’t want.

There’s a lot of things to be aware of.

Don’t remember to check the review before you purchase a wig!

Most websites will have a built-in review section and if they do, see if they are verified by real customers. This will generally give you a good idea of whether a company can be trusted.

However make sure you don’t just rely on these as unfortunately, these reviews might be false. To be on the safe side, Google the brand for reviews on blogs or YouTube to hear what other people have to say.

Pick a color that flatters your skin tone.

If you want your wig to pass for real hair, always pick a wig close to your natural color. You can always try something new, but it will make the wig look like a wig. I personally don’t mind, but you might.

Synthetic is significantly cheaper than real.

But real hair makes it easier to pass the wig off as your natural hair. Some synthetics can be heat styled, but you have to use low heat and be very careful. Human hair wigs can be styled, cut, and dyed like your real hair.

Short wigs are easier to wear than long wigs.

Long wigs are fun, especially if you’ve never been able to have long hair before. But they need a lot more care. They need to be pushed out to make sure they don’t tangle, they shed, and you have to resist the urge to touch while wearing. Otherwise, they’ll get very frizzy.

Pay attention to the wig cap.

The more realistic wigs have fake skin at the part to make it look more natural. Wig caps are adjustable, but make sure you know your head circumference so you get a wig that fits well. Loop the measuring tape around your head in line with your hairline.

Lace fronts are the most natural-looking of the wigs available.

They are also the most difficult to wear, requiring either tape or glue to keep the lace front in place. However, the effect of the lace front makes it seem as if the hair is your own, sprouting from your own hairline.

Buying the wig for the first time is always difficult. Because of this, you should find a reliable wigs online store where you can find a huge variety of wigs according to your budget.

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If you want to find an answer, we recommend you try Unice hair wig.UNice hair shop has a variety of wigs of various colors that will suit your needs and look. You can explore various human hair products at a very affordable price.

UNice online wig store has an enormous variety of hair products, they are all 100% human virgin hair, such as hair weaves, hair extensions, wigs, closures in any style and color. Body Wave, Straight, Curly, Loose Wave, Deep Wave, and Natural Wave, different hairstyles for your choice. You can buy whatever you want that can be used on a daily basis to make your life and body look stylish and updated.

The buying process is quite simple. You just need to click on the buy now button and go ahead. We are always happy to offer!

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Thank you for taking the time to visit unice hair blog. If you have any questions or advice, welcome to reply to us.

How Long Can You Wear A Sew-In Wig?

 Last updated Aug.07,2020

Wigs continue to storm the world of hair and beauty. They have become the most popular hairstyles among women, especially black women. Wigs not only protect the natural hair, but they also enhance a woman’s look. Additionally, wigs allow women to try out several different hairstyles.

There are many ways you can put your wig on. You can either use wig glue, wig tape, wig grips, adhesive, pins, combs, or you can just sew it on. Each of these methods has its pros and cons. Generally, wig wearers choose the method according to their time, skin issues, and preferences.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that some ladies still prefer the sew-in method over gluing.  If you want to wear the same wig for a week or more, if you didn’t already know,  sewing the wig into place using a weave needle and thread is the most secure way to go.The sew-in method is typically an easy and safe way to combat the downside of using wig glue and can work with oily and sweaty skin ideally. It also helps you to get more breathability as the wig fit is somewhat loose.

Today we will talk about thing you need to know about sew in wig?

What You Will Learn From This Article:

1.What is a sew-in wig?

2.The advantages of sew-in wig

3.How long can you wear a sew-in wig?

4.How to take care of a sew-in wig or weave?

5.How to revome a sew-in wig?


What Is A Sew-In Wig?

What is a sew-in wig?

Sew-ins is where the hair is braided into cornrows and the wig is sewn onto the cornrows. This technique favors women who have sensitive skin and cannot use glue. That’s because the glue has some chemicals that some women may react to. The sew-in method is also more secure compared to glue or tapes. This technique is particularly a great option for people who accumulate a lot of sweat in their hair or hairline area, which may make the glue get washed, eventually causing the wig to fall out.

The Advantages Of Sew-In Wig

  1. It is usually cheaper compared to other techniques because it is a long-term choice.
  2. It allows you to experiment with your wig in different ways. For instance, you can curl it one day and then straighten it the next day.
  3. Sewing in your wig helps you to protect your natural hair since it gets adequate rest to grow stronger and healthier. It also protects your hair against sun rays, dust, dirt, etc.
  4. It is less damaging to the hairline, especially if you don’t know how to apply and remove wig adhesives.
  5. Sewing in your wig will make it look more natural and feel like your natural hair.

For those people who want to or are planning to get their wigs sewed on, their main concern is how long the wig will last. Actually, it is quite hard to say how long a sew-in can last due to several factors.  The first important factor is where you bought the wig, then how you take care of the sew-in wig. For example, if you bought your wig from a reliable store, it will definitely be of high-quality, and you will not have to worry about the wig’s lifespan. But if you buy your wig from an unreliable store, it may not last long.

How Long Can You Wear A Sew-In Wig?

How long can you wear a sew-in wig?

Generally, it is recommended to wear a sew-in wig for one or two weeks.  Whether the wig is made from human hair or synthetic hair, you will need to wash it in order to maintain it. Wash it after every 10 days, or any time you sweat a lot, such after an exercise.

But you can wear it until you start feeling uncomfortable. For example, when you feel itchy or the braids become too loose, making the wig fall off, then you can take it off.  It’s worth noting that some people wear sew-in wigs for about 2-3 months, so how long a person wears a sew-in depends on an individual.

But generally, it is not recommended to wear a sew-in wig for a longer period because it can give one a thinning hairline and hinder the growth of your natural hair.

How To Take Care Of A Sew-In Wig Or Weave?

Proper maintenance is key to ensuring that your sew-in wig lasts longer. Here are some of the ways you can take care of your sew-in wig:

Always comb your wig/weave

For a proper maintenance wig, you must always comb or brush out the wig to prevent it from getting tangled. Always comb it gently starting from the ends towards your scalp to avoid pulling out hair from the wig.  Sleeping with wet hair can also make it tangle. That’s why you should dry your hair properly before you go to bed. Additionally, you can wear a satin cap at night to keep the hair from tangling.

Keep your hair clean

Cleaning is also vital when it comes to taking care of your wig. Before you sew in the wig, ensure that your natural hair is clean. After the wig is sewn in, you should wash the hair once a week to keep it clean. Of course, dirty hair will damage the hair, decreasing its lifespan.

You should wash your hair according to the directions

Washing hair also requires following the direction. Do not use hot water, you should brush hair smooth before washing, use non-irritant shampoo, and then dry your hair with a clean towel. Do not use a powerful hairdryer.

How To Revome A Sew-In Wig?

Usually, the process of removing a sew-in wig is more tedious than installing it. That’s why many women prefer to go to a hairdresser or stylist to take down the wig so that they don’t cut their natural hair by mistake. You should proceed with caution when cutting the thread out of the hair if you opt to do it yourself because it is quite difficult to see the back of your head.

Final thoughts

Now that you have read about sew-in wigs, their advantages, how to take care of them, and how to remove them, would you still choose this technique to install your wig? But if you didn’t know, this technique is the most secure way to go. If you have spent a lot of money buying a wig, it is right that you get the most out of it. Having your wig sewn in by a specialist will make you get value for your money. Additionally, this technique is easy and safe, unlike the glue which may react with your hairline. Sew-in wigs also promote breathability since the wig fit is somehow loose.